County Fair Building

 GOLDEN GATE PARK, 9th & Lincoln




FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Take Hwy 5 to 580 to Bay Bridge


FROM BAY BRIDGE:  Stay in center lanes, do NOT exit. About 1 mile from bridge, follow signs to Golden Gate Bridge, 101 North. Take Fell St/Octavia exit to freeway end. Go straight up Octavia Blvd 5 blocks to Fell St, go LEFT on Fell (most traffic will also be turning left). Continue on Fell up & down hill, then you’ll pass the some park space on your left. Just as you enter Golden Gate Park, bear LEFT at the fork. Continue around and this will turn into LINCOLN. Continue down Lincoln to the County Fair Building at 9th Avenue. 


FROM GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE:  Stay to the right after the toll booth. About ˝ mile after toll booth, take Hwy 1 South/19th Ave exit.

You’ll go thru a tunnel and about 1 mile later, thru the park. At the south end of the park the first street is Lincoln. Since no left turn is allowed, Go RIGHT on Lincoln 1 block to 20th Av and make a LEFT, go 1 block to IRVING and make a LEFT. Go to 9th Av and make a LEFT.


FROM THE PENINSULA:  Take 280 North into the city. Follow signs to 19th Ave/Golden Gate Bridge. Continue a few miles up 19th Ave, go RIGHT on Lincoln. County Fair Building is at 9th & Lincoln.


TO LA LUNA INN FROM HALL: Go RIGHT on Lincoln out of the park. Go RIGHT on 19th Av. This is Hwy 1. Continue thru the park and all the way up until it becomes a freeway. After the tunnel, take the RIGHT exit to the Marina District, 101 South. Follow the signs to LOMBARD St. The hotel is on the right at 2599 Lombard right after the freeway ends. If you’re staying at this hotel and have some time, take a walk down CHESTNUT STREET or UNION STREET.